About us

Who we are

Homeboy Travel Network is a travel and leisure company that makes everyones California Dreams come true. The founders of HBTN share a love for West Coast culture and all things Los Angeles, with Detroit roots.

What we offer

Homeboy Travel Network was created to allow people to enjoy to best of Los Angeles in the comforts of home. Travelers will be able to select the type of entertainment and dining experiences they would like and enjoy what Los Angeles has to offer depending on the season people choose to visit.

To Live and Love in LA

The City of Angeles is a piece of heaven on earth. From the palm trees to the beautiful sunsets over the Pacific Ocean- Los Angeles always provides a beautiful backdrop for the days adventure. When you travel to Los Angeles with Homeboy Travel Network you will have a personalized itinerary so you can visit the city with the best advice from your homegirl in LA. Cant wait to see you in Cali.